Class No: 419                                                  Job Title: Investigator (District Attorney)

Department: District Attorney                          Reports To: District Attorney

FLSA Status: Exempt                                       EEOC Category: Professionals

Pay Group: 22                                                   Prepared/Rev. Date: January 18, 2017


Receives, reviews, and investigates criminal cases filed with the District Attorney's office; requests for additional information, and investigator's reports and notes; assists attorneys on cases by obtaining certified copies of documents, conducting follow‑up interviews with victims/witnesses, coordinating polygraph examinations, and photographing crime scenes; assists various attorneys with all aspects of a trial, including juries, evidence, testimony, and progress of the case; assists with grand jury and pre‑trial hearings; issues subpoenas for witnesses and records; and conducts special investigations upon request.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Reviews, receives, and investigates criminal cases filed with the District Attorney’s office, including locating, setting up and conducting interviews for, taking statements from, and issuing subpoenas to victims and witnesses, both in and out of state;

Accompanies Assistant District Attorneys to crime scenes and witness interviews;

Delivers grand jury notices;

Gathers evidence pertaining to criminal investigations, including photographing and/or videotaping crime scenes, attending autopsies, obtaining hospital records, obtaining evidence from crime labs, and checking criminal histories;

Contacts various law enforcement agencies, including requesting more information for cases and obtaining Agency Offense Reports;

Maintains and prepares evidence for trial, including enlarging and mounting photographs and scene diagrams, duplicating/redacting audio and video CD/DVDs, and preparing reports;

Attempts to take confessions from defendants and/or suspects in a case;

Obtains certified copies of materials, such as court documents, agency reports, jail records, photographs, fingerprint cards, vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and "pen packs";

Schedules and coordinates polygraph examinations, including copying the case for the examiner, reviewing the case with the examiner, transporting subject to and from the examination site, observing the examination, reviewing the results with the examiner, taking statements or confessions if needed, and reporting results to the attorney on the case;

Assists attorneys in jury selection process, including reviewing jury panel information sheets, conducting criminal history checks on jury panel, and making recommendations for jury selection;

Assists attorneys in trial, including setting up exhibits, operating sound and visual systems, obtaining background information on witnesses, transporting witnesses to and from the courthouse, and keeping witnesses ready to testify;

Listens to all testimony presented in case, including watching out for inconsistencies and observing nonverbal responses of the jurors;

Confers with attorneys regarding evidence and testimony presented and the overall progress of the case;

Assists with Grand Jury and pre‑trial hearings, including transporting witnesses and prisoners to and from courthouse, delivering subpoenaed records, and obtaining certified copies of records;

Provides security as needed for district courts, grand jury, pre‑trial hearings, and Commissioners Court meetings;

Assists other investigators as needed;

Assists other law enforcement agencies on investigations, including reviewing cases, investigating crime scenes, performing surveillance functions, and serving warrants;

Conducts special investigations as needed; and


Texas Criminal Code rules and procedures; the legal system; personal computers and software; safe operation of firearms; use of still and video cameras; operation of office equipment, including copy machine and facsimile machine; operation of investigative equipment, including fingerprint equipment, communication equipment; criminal investigations and trials; and personnel management policies and procedures.


Read, analyze, and interpret case information; determine priority of tasks and/or items to be gathered for investigations; gather various information related to cases; write reports, memos, and letters; interview victims, witnesses, suspects, and defendants in cases to collect statements and confessions; operate camera and video equipment; communicate effectively, both in person and on the phone; analyze trial and courtroom proceedings, including making recommendations to attorneys regarding witnesses, evidence, and juries; and maintain effective working relationships with attorneys, judges, other law enforcement officers, and co‑workers.

Strong analytical writing skills. Excellent overall communication skills. Critical thinking with the ability to arrive at logical conclusions. Ability to multi-task, manage competing priorities, and meet deadlines. Ability to manage large case dockets. Conduct objective investigations of police misconduct. Ability to work as part of a team by following directions and taking instruction.


Advanced Peace Officer certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement  (TCOLE) with at least 2 years of Criminal Investigations experience or related experience.

Salary is $45K to $60K depending on qualifications. Please submit resumes to A personal history statement and other paperwork will be required, along with a thorough background check.