Salary is $47,000–$55,000 depending on qualifications, plus benefits. Complete an application at

Fax or email resume and application to 830/249-4176 or [email protected] For questions, call Donna Sharp at 830/249-9343.

Essential Functions:

1. Assists prosecutors during misdemeanor and felony criminal case investigation, intake and trial;

2. Reviews misdemeanor and felony criminal cases and requests and obtains any missing items;

3. Conducts criminal history inquires on defendants, complainants, witnesses, requests judgments, prints, and custody records;

4. Completes additional investigative requests submitted by prosecutors and victim advocates;

5. Locates complainants, witnesses, and defendants in order to interview, take statements, or serve with grand jury or trial subpoena;

6. Executes evidentiary search warrants, arrest warrants, court orders for handwriting exemplars, writs of attachment, and civil injunctions;

7. Prepare, file, and track subpoenas; including Grand Jury subpoenas; serves subpoenas as requested; follows up on status of subpoenas

8. Serves subpoenas for employment, medical, financial and educations records and other documentation during case investigation, intake or trial;

9. Transports complainants and witnesses to and from court appearances;

10. Provides security for prosecutors, staff, complainants, and witnesses while in trial during regular working hours;

11. May testify in court pertaining to his investigative activities and findings;

12. Maintains logs of daily and monthly investigation activity;

13. Prepares case reports and statistical data;

14. May coordinate investigations with Federal, State, County, and City Law Enforcement Agencies when assigned or assist when requested;

15. Confers with forensic evidence, pathology medicine, serology, fingerprint and ballistic experts and prepares reports of findings;

16. Advises and assists law enforcement with criminal procedure including evidentiary warrants.

17. Assist prosecutors in jury selection process and provide criminal history checks on jury panels.

18. Prepare multimedia discovery.

19. Provide security for Criminal District Attorney Offices.

20. Performs related duties as required.

Position Specifications: 

Requires the following: 

  1. Graduation from High School or a General Education Development (GED) certificate supplemented by college coursework or vocational training in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or a closely related field, and five (5) years law enforcement experience with two (2) years criminal investigation experience; or an equivalent of education and experience.
  2. Knowledge of criminal investigation procedures; knowledge of Texas Penal Code; knowledge of case management; knowledge of courtroom procedures.
  3. Skill in ascertaining factual information from conflicting or purposely inaccurate data.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively with diverse groups of individuals utilizing tact and diplomacy; ability to operate two-way radio, cellular telephone, handgun, handcuffs, and diagram enlarger; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, County employees, law enforcement officers and agencies and the general public.
  5. Physical requirements include lifting/carrying 25 lbs. constantly; visual acuity, speech and hearing; hand and eye coordination and manual dexterity necessary to operate a two-way radio, cellular phone, handgun, handcuffs, diagram enlarger, visual imager, computer keyboard, visual imager and document disposal machine.  Subject to sitting, standing, reaching and handling to perform essential functions.
  6. Must have a Basic Texas Peace Officer Certification; must have a Texas Peace Officer License; must qualify with duty firearm annually; must have a valid Texas Criminal Information Center/National Criminal Information Center Certification; must maintain TCOLE proficiency.
  7. Must have a valid driver’s license, motor vehicle liability insurance, personal injury insurance and a personal vehicle.
  8. Must secure and maintain a favorable background investigation from the Criminal District Attorney’s Office.