New Code of Criminal Procedure Ch. 42A

During the interim preceding the 2015 legislative session, the Texas Legislative Council was tasked with reclassifying and rearranging Texas' probation statute (Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 42.12) into a new chapter of the Code of Criminal Procedure. HB 2299 (effective Jan. 1, 2017) is the result of that process. Chapter 42A is a nonsubstantive revision passed for the sole purpose of re-organizing the laws relating to community supervision in a more logical fashion. The substance of the law has not been altered in meaning or legal effect.

A PDF of the new Chapter 42A is attached to this post. Note, however, that some sections of CCP Art. 42.12 were also amended in the 2015 legislative session and remain effective despite the repeal of Art. 42.12 by HB 2299 under the savings provisions of Tex. Gov't Code §311.031(c)-(d) (protecting new laws from being rolled into non-substantive code revisions).

The 2017 edition of TDCAA's code books (i.e. Criminal Laws of Texas and the spiral-bound Code of Criminal Procedure) will include Chapter 42A and any amendments made to it during the 2017 legislative session.

PDF icon CCP Ch 42A 11-17-16.pdf451.81 KB