New TV documentary, "Murder for Hire," looking for Texas cases

The producers of a new TV documentary called "Murder for Hire" are seeking cases to potentially be featured on the show. It’s being co-produced by Dick Wolf (creator of the Law and Order series) and Shed Media, and the same folks produce "Criminal Confessions."

Producers are right at the beginning of the season and in the process of researching cases and talking to different agencies around the country.

The series focuses on undercover murder-for-hire operations with the entire case being told directly by the people who lived it, including investigators, prosecutors, and the intended victims. They don’t do any dialogue recreations nor do we sensationalize the defendants and/or the crime. In fact, they don’t talk to defense at all. The priority is on those in law enforcement.

The goal is to highlight the hard work and efforts of the law enforcement officers and prosecutors who've worked so diligently to protect potential murder victims while bringing the right people to justice. It’s really sort of an homage to law enforcement agencies nationwide in an area that most civilians know next to nothing about. 

Anyone who has tried or pleaded a murder-for-hire case can call or email senior producer Robyn Kiyomi at 323/904-4680 ext. 4046 or rkiyomi (at) shedmedia (dot) com.