Prosecutors' input needed for an update to The Greenbook

The Editors of the Texas Law Review are preparing to draft the next edition of the Texas Rules of Form, more commonly known as The Greenbook. A supplement to The Bluebook, The Greenbook is, at its core, a tool intended to help legal writers and their audiences grapple with the idiosyncrasies of Texas law.

Unfortunately, with each attempt to improve the Greenbook, our Editors face the same obstacle: as law students, we have neither the experience nor the capacity to field test the conventions we publish. Thus, despite our best intentions, certain rules may serve little practical purpose, be unduly cumbersome, or, worse yet, impede clear and concise legal writing. To that end, we ask that you share with us your experiences and insight. Whether you unequivocally support the rules as they exist, adamantly advocate for an alteration, or merely express an openness to change, your feedback will help guide our Editors’ hands as we draft the next edition of The Greenbook.

Please complete the survey at the following web address by April 4th: The survey can also be found on our website,, under “Greenbook Survey.”