TDCJ fingerprint/pen packet policy change

Beginning Oct. 1, 2018, TDCJ will no longer be including offender fingerprints with pen packet requests. Fingerprints taken before 2010 may still be available, however. TDCJ issued the following FAQ document about the change:

Q: Why did TDCJ change its policy regarding sending fingerprints with pen packets?
A: Since 2010, TDCJ has been taking fingerprints on intake using a live scan, which automatically uploads the fingerprints to DPS, who owns them. TDCJ does not have permission from DPS, and DPS will not give permission, to distribute live-scanned fingerprints uploaded to the DPS portal.

Q: Are any fingerprints available from TDCJ?
A: For offenders incarcerated before 2010, it is possible that fingerprints taken by TDCJ (and therefore owned by TDCJ) using the ink-and-roll method are in its system. If that is the case, those fingerprints will be sent out with the pen packets.

Q: How can fingerprints be obtained from DPS?
A: For a certified copy of the offender’s fingerprints, please send your request on letterhead via fax or email to:
DPS Fingerprint Processing Bureau
[email protected]

Q: How can the fingerprints obtained from DPS be matched to the pen packets received from TDCJ?
A: Each offender is assigned a SID number by DPS. The SID number never changes (like a social security number). That number should be on the fingerprint card and somewhere in the pen packet.