Applications for the 2020 PCIs, Chuck Dennis Award, Oscar Sherrell Award, and Investigator Section scholarship now online

Updated applications for 2020’s PCI certificates, Chuck Dennis Award, Oscar Sherrell Award, and Investigator Section scholarship are now posted online. Changes have been made to all the applications so please use the new forms, and do not use any old forms you might have. Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date or they will not be accepted.

The Professional Criminal Investigator (PCI) is open to district, county, and criminal district attorney investigators with at least eight years of full-time employment in a prosecutor’s office (if holding an Advanced Certificate with TCOLE) or five years of full-time employment (if holding a Masters Certificate with TCOLE).

The Chuck Dennis Investigator of the Year Award is given annually to that investigator who exemplifies the commitment of the law enforcement community to serving others, serving his office, and remaining active with TDCAA.

The Oscar Sherrell Service to TDCAA Award recognizes those enthusiastic investigators who excel in TDCAA work. This award may recognize a specific activity that has benefited or improved TDCAA, or it may recognize a body of work that has improved the service that TDCAA provides to the profession.

The TDCAA scholarship program was initiated in 2002 by the Investigator Section Board of Directors with the objective of encouraging our future through the support of our present. Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year, one at the Annual Update in September and one at Investigator School in February. Funding for these scholarships is currently provided through the sales of TDCAA merchandise and Board fundraisers made available at approved training conferences.

Also below are documents explaining the requirements for the Lifetime Achievement Award and Career Investigator Award, as well as how to apply.