Doctor, arson investigator testify in mutilation trial

Monday, November 14, 2011,

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- One of the first doctors who examined a woman after she was allegedly tortured by her estranged boyfriend took the stand Monday. She told the jury about the burns the woman suffered. We should warn some of this testimony is graphic.

An arson investigator took the stand Monday afternoon to testify about the spray pattern of a can of hairspray. The defendant, Gregory Longoria is accused of burning his former girlfriend with a lighter and can of hairspray. The testimony could be significant for the defense if they can prove the spray is wide and diffused, and not defined and accurate as suggested by the prosecution.

It was a day in pictures for the jury. Again they saw the photographs of the woman's hands and feet. The prosecution called a crime scene unit investigator to the stand to point out bruises the state says were caused by the woman being tied to a bed with an extension cord. 

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