Guadalupe may become a ‘no refusal’ county

Updated: 6:22 pm, Tue Jul 19, 2011.

Bob Thaxton, Seguin Gazette

SEGUIN — Guadalupe County officials are discussing the possibility of becoming a “no refusal” county where law enforcement officers can require blood samples from drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated.

County Attorney Elizabeth Murray-Kolb, in a presentation to commissioners court on Tuesday, said Bexar and Comal counties are “no refusal” counties, but Guadalupe County is not.

“Drunk drivers can refuse to provide BAC (blood alcohol concentration), and there’s nothing we can do about it,” Murray-Kolb told the court. She said the lack of blood evidence can make defendants in DWI cases difficult to prosecute because Guadalupe County juries expect to see such evidence.

“We want to become a ‘no refusal’ county,” Murray-Kolb said. “To accomplish this, we need an attorney magistrate who is available to sign search warrants after hours and on weekends.”

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