Michael Morton speaks out: 'Life can turn on a dime'

by Brandi Grissom / The Texas Tribune


Posted on March 27, 2012 at 2:35 PM

Updated yesterday at 6:24 PM

During his nearly 25 years in prison, Michael Morton often heard the howling wails of other new inmates realizing their fate when they had arrived. In 1987, soon after entering prison himself, he sobbed silently as he lay in his cell, feeling the warm stream of tears pooling in his ears.

“I lost my wife. When was I going to see my son again?” he recalled. “Life was cratering all around me.”

Morton was convicted of the 1986 beating death of his wife, Christine Morton, at their North Austin home. During the trial, Ken Anderson, then the newly elected district attorney for Williamson County, convinced the jury that Morton, in a sex-crazed rage, had beaten his wife’s head in with a nightstick.

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