Wooten verdict expected Monday

By Dan Eakin, [email protected]

Published: Saturday, November 19, 2011 7:45 PM CST

A jury will likely decide Monday whether District Judge Suzanne Wooten is guilty of bribery and other related charges.

Wooten spent almost five hours on the witness stand Friday defending herself against six charges of bribery and one charge each of money laundering, engaging in criminal activity and tampering with a government record.

Although the jury must decide her guilt or innocence in relation to the nine charges, the biggest question facing the jury is whether Wooten was aware of any business deal between her campaign manager, James Stephen Spencer, and David and Stacy Cary.

During her testimony Friday, Wooten consistently denied having any knowledge of a business deal between Spencer and the Carys in connection with her campaign.

The prosecution contends that the Carys funneled six deposits totaling $150,000 into Wooten's campaign via Spencer's checking account in order to get Wooten to rule in their favor on a child-parent relations case. If Wooten had taken the case, which she did not, she would have ruled whether David Cary would have to pay his former wife, Jennifer Cary, $400,000 in a divorce settlement.

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