Assistant Chief Investigator



Job Assignment:      1163 – Law Enforcement Mgmt TC57 (961)
Grade:                       57
FLSA Status:            Exempt


Position Title:            Assistant Chief Investigator                    
Department:              Criminal District Attorney
Division:                     Investigative Division

To Apply:

Salary:                        $ 96,419.18 Annual Rate


Under the direction of the elected Criminal District Attorney who serves as Head of Agency, assist the Chief Investigator in managing daily operations and administrative matters of the Investigative Division of the Criminal District Attorney’s Office. Supervise and monitor the duties and responsibilities of the investigative employees to ensure efficiency. Assist in the coordination of training, evaluation, and investigator unit assignments. Liaison for the criminal investigators to the attorneys. The Assistant Chief Investigator will work with outside law enforcement agencies and partners, local, state, and federal elected officials.


  1. Assist in managing all criminal investigators in the Criminal District Attorney’s Office.
  2. Coordinate the work between criminal investigators, prosecutors, and law enforcement personnel.
  3. Conduct in-depth criminal investigations, case evaluation and preparation related to special crimes, projects, and high-profile cases.
  4. Coordinate all investigative trainings and review training material and recommend changes beneficial to the division and ensure compliance.
  5. Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of investigators performance including identifying and implementing strategies to improve investigative work.
  6. Assist Chief Investigator in evaluating the budget and equipment needs of the Investigative Division.
  7. Assist in hiring, training, and development of investigative employees.
  8. Work collaboratively with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the preparation and prosecution of criminal and civil cases.
  9. May attend and represent the Criminal District Attorney and/or Chief Investigator at various committee and outside partnership meetings.
  10. Works directly with the elected Criminal District Attorney (Head of Agency).
  11. Perform all other related duties involved in the operation of the Investigative Division as assigned or required.


Associate’s degree or equivalent. Minimum of 8-10 years’ experience in Law enforcement. Law enforcement supervisory experience preferred. Advanced Texas Peace Officer certification from the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement.  TCOLE Training Instructor Certification preferred. Valid Texas Driver’s License required.

Applicants must be a resident of Tarrant County.


This position directly supervises approximately 17-25 investigators.


While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to bend, carry, climb, climb ladders, climb stairs, grasp/squeeze, hear, tolerate hot and cold inside temperatures, keyboard, kneel, lift below the waist, lift between waist and shoulder, lift overhead, lift to the side/twist, tolerate noise, tolerate hot and cold outside temperatures, pull, push, reach, reach overhead, perform repetitive tasks, negotiate rough or uneven surfaces, run, see color, see far and near, sit, negotiate slippery surfaces, squat, stand, stoop, talk, twist, use his/her hands, drive a vehicle, walk, walk on an incline, work alone and with others, and work overtime.


Regular attendance is essential.   Incumbent must arrive at work on time, prepared to perform assigned duties and work assigned schedule.  Incumbent must have the ability to work well with others.  Incumbent must be able to perform the essential functions of the position without posing a direct threat to the health and safety of themselves and others.  Requested accommodations to work hours and schedules are considered on an individual basis.    


This position suggests modifications to policies and procedures. Work is reviewed in-depth annually and reviewed on a weekly basis at management meetings.


This position interacts with other Criminal District Attorney’s Office personnel, local, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies, multi-agency investigations and the general public.