Assistant County Attorney – Compliance Toll Road Team

The Harris County Attorney’s Office (HCAO) is seeking an attorney for its Compliance Toll Road Team. This position is for an Assistant County Attorney in the Compliance and Revenue Practice Group of the Harris County Attorney’s Office. The attorney will be assigned to the Compliance Toll Road Team to handle the toll road violation litigation docket. The Assistant County Attorney will be asked to oversee the compliance toll road paralegals and ensure that the Compliance Toll Road Team is performing its duties at the most productive and highest level. This position requires bilingual fluency in the languages of English and Spanish.

The Attorney primarily:

·         Maintains knowledge of Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) policies and procedures relevant statutes applicable to toll road violations

·         Works jointly with HCTRA staff/personnel and Compliance Toll Road Team in all phases of toll road violation collections

·         Supervises the paralegals and support staff in the Compliance Toll Road Team

·         Responds promptly to phone calls, emails, and other correspondence

·         Acquires familiarity with commonly used legal terms

·         Obtains knowledge of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Texas Rules of Evidence, the Texas Transportation Code, Bankruptcy law including the ability to file filing Proof of Claims on behalf of Harris County, the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct, the Harris County Personnel Regulations, and the policies of the County Attorney

·         Prepares for administrative hearings, court hearings, and trial

·         Develops and manages positive relationships with client, courts, the public and other work groups related to assigned cases

·         Conducts legal research and reviews case law relevant to issues as they develop in cases

·         Identifies documents and records appropriate for cases

·         Drafts legal documents including petitions, answers, discovery questions, responses, motions and briefs

·         Monitors assumed cases to ensure that all discovery requests including requests for interrogatories, admissions, disclosures, and production are responded to in a timely fashion 

·         Reviews and responds to motions filed by opposing counsel

·         Practices witnesses before hearings or trials

·         Investigates facts and obtains evidence in cases

·         Performs multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining an effective balance of priorities and high productivity

·         Participates in one-on-one sessions with the Managing Attorney of the Practice Group to give and receive feedback

·         Participates in Practice Group staff meetings

·         Encourages and mentors attorneys, paralegals, and interns

·         Performs other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

·         Juris Doctorate from an ABA accredited law school

·         State Bar of Texas licensure and good standing

·         Bilingual in English and Spanish

·         Ability to work independently

·         Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize assignments

·         Proficiency with Microsoft Office and the use of Windows-based computers

·         Ability to learn and use multiple databases

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