Assistant County & District Attorney

Employer:         Andrews County & District Attorney’s Office
Location:           Andrews, TX


Effective October 1, 2020, the Andrews County & District Attorney has an opening for an Assistant County & District Attorney, who will be mainly assigned to the Child Protective Services’ Division within the office as well as assisting with Class A and B misdemeanor criminal cases in county court, and Class C misdemeanor offenses and county code violations cases in justice of the peace courts.


• Interact routinely with the Department of Family and Protective Services, including investigators, caseworkers, program director/administrators, and regional attorneys, along with courtroom staff, law enforcement, opposing counsel, and child advocates, in the preparation and management of cases concerning child abuse and/or neglect.

• The Assistant County & District Attorney will be responsible for reviewing, advising, and interpreting legal issues, while ensuring that all decisions are in compliance with both the Texas Family Code and Department Policy. The Assistant County & District Attorney will also be responsible for providing Department staff with legal opinions after reviewing the evidence, applicable law, and consulting with agency staff.

• The work will include case preparation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation, while providing agency representation in every child protective case that arises in Andrews County, Texas, from inception until final disposition.

• Reviews and processes the case packet for each criminal case filed by a law enforcement agency and initiates prosecution where appropriate.

• Attends docket calls, conduct plea bargain negotiations, be well prepared on assigned cases, makes decisions promptly and keeps abreast of the law.

• Is of extremely high integrity, professional demeanor and demonstrates proper respect to the court at all times.

• Reviews assigned cases, supervises support staff in preparation of paperwork, checks all pleadings for accuracy, makes timely applications for subpoenas and prepares and files motions promptly and accurately.

• Is available for consultations with court personnel, victims, witnesses, defendants, defense attorneys and other criminal justice personnel.

•  Is responsible for all cases in his/her charge, including the security of the file;  and properly documenting the case file along each step of the process, including final disposition

• Prepares cases for jury or bench trials, including pretrial motions, orders, interviewing witnesses, preparing trial notebooks and jury charges.

• Complies with and enforces the rules, regulations and policies of the County & District Attorney’s Office, the oral and written directives of his/her supervisors and the Texas Code of Professional Responsibility.

• Performs all other duties as assigned.


• Graduate of an accredited law school, currently licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and in good standing with the State Bar.

• Must have a basic knowledge of criminal and family law, criminal and civil procedure, and rules of evidence.

• Must have knowledge of the principals and methods of legal research.

• Must have the ability to analyze facts and case precedents and present them effectively in court.

• Must be able to conduct self in a professional manner and develop and maintain good working relationships with visitors, clients, co-workers, attorneys, judges and county officials.

• Must be able to pass a thorough background check.

• Must be able to work independently while also being a team player.

Deadline: Until sufficient applications have been submitted for consideration.

Annual Salary:  Depends on experience. Position include health, dental, and vision insurance and retirement; work days & hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00am to 5:00pm; occasional after hours depending on court hearings.

Send resume, cover letter, and references via email in PDF format only to:
Sean B. Galloway
Assistant County Attorney
Andrews County & District Attorney’s Office
121 N.W. Avenue A
Andrews, TX 75165
Phone:  (432) 524-1405
[email protected]