Assistant District Attorney

Johnson County – District Attorney’s Office has an immediate opening for a Felony Trial Attorney.

Represents the state in felony prosecution of criminal defendants: and assists police and other investigative agencies with matters involving felony prosecutions.

·         Prepares cases for trial; prepares pleadings, motions and orders; reviews medical records, documents and interviews.

·         Appears in dockets, hearing and trials; prepares for and attends final trials, which includes witness meetings, jury selection, legal research, victim conferences, questioning witnesses in trial, conferences with defense attorneys, arguments, opening and closing statements and drafting of motions and jury changes; and responds to appeals of final orders.

·         Prepares indictments and re-indictments; presents cases to grand jury; and drafts indictments and conferences with intake attorneys and investigators.

·         Provides legal research regarding civil and criminal issues.

·         Assists officers in obtaining warrants, reviewing probable cause affidavits and presenting warrants to District Judges; and meets with officers to ensure warrants are in compliance with the law.

·         Performs clerical duties, which includes filing, responding to phone calls, sending written correspondence on cases and writing emails; and receives information from caseworkers and law enforcement.

·         Negotiates plea offers with defense attorneys; prepares information on probationers and any violations of probation committed; evaluates reports of violations; and evaluates proposed amendments.

·         Performs other related duties of a similar nature and level as assigned.

Must have at least 10 years FELONY TRIAL experience. Salary depending on experience up to $145,000.00

To apply, either email Merry Cashion your resume at [email protected] or go to the Johnson County Website, Personnel and fill out an application.