Attorney II- Assistant Police Legal Advisor


SALARY: 72,130.00 – 108,196.00 Salary USD

This position is under the general supervision of the Legal Advisor for the Arlington Police Department and is responsible for various tasks including performing legal research, advising on and responding to subpoenas, representing the City in court regarding dangerous and substandard structures, being the City Attorney’s Office representative on the Nuisance Abatement Team, and reviewing criminal search warrants. 


Under general direction is responsible for performing legal research, investigating claims, complaints and lawsuits made against and/or on behalf of the City and prosecuting violators of City ordinances.  Also responsible for interacting with and advising departments regarding claims, complaints and lawsuits made against and/or on behalf of the City.  Responsible for responding to legal inquiries from other City departments and providing formal legal opinions.  Responsible for case development and representing the City in administrative and court proceedings.


  • Ability to research and prepare legal documents in relation to civil litigation and administrative hearings, including but not limited to discovery, discovery responses, motions, appellate briefs and all pleadings.
  •  Ability to attend hearings in state and federal district court and administrative tribunals.
  •  Ability to research and draft legal documents including City ordinances, criminal complaints, resolutions, deeds, contracts, etc., for compliance with all applicable laws.
  •  Ability to prepare and submit written reports to the City Attorney on proposed legislation, progress reports, legal opinions, current lawsuits and potential lawsuits.
  •  Ability to conduct legal research regarding the consequences of various municipal government functions and prepare opinions for review by the City Attorney.
  •  Ability to communicate legal options to management level staff in the City.
  •  Ability to provide supervision to support staff on review and advise departments on application of law and the personnel policy as to discipline and other employee relations matters.
  •  Ability to assist in the investigation of employee disciplines, harassment claims and sworn internal affairs investigations.
  •  Ability to conduct initial interviews with claimants and recommend to the City Attorney actions to be taken.
  •  Ability to specialize in contracts, code enforcement, criminal law, employee relations, or litigation cases, particularly contracts, health/environmental employment relations, workers’ compensation, tort/claims, and/or civil rights laws.
  •  Other duties as assigned.


 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws, rules of evidence and procedure, codes and statutes.
  • Skill in communicating orally and in writing in order to prepare legal documents and to counsel and represent the City before Administrative and judicial bodies.
  • Ability to analyze and apply legal principles and precedents to local governments.
  • Ability to develop alternative solutions to problems to evaluate courses of action, to reach appropriate decisions and to counsel/guide individuals.
  • Ability to work on complex cases with limited supervision.

Qualifying Education and Experience:

A Juris Doctorate Degree and three years as a practicing attorney with a minimum of one year in municipal work is preferred.  License to practice law in the State of Texas required.  Possession of a valid Texas Operator’s License, Class C, unless another person is available to drive the Attorney II to any court appearances.  An offer may be extended upon successful completion of a Criminal Background Check.

All applicants must apply online at