Chief of Litigation

Chief of Litigation – Nueces County Attorney – 0710-1130


$47.20 Hourly


Corpus Christi, TX

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5/4/2022 11:59 PM Central


Manages the Litigation department of the County Attorney’s office.  Develops and directs implementation of policies and procedures for the daily operation of the unit, and participates directly in civil legal matters of special significance to the County Attorney.


Include the following:
Manages the personnel, equipment, facilities and finances assigned to the litigation unit, and allocates its resources.
Advises and directs divisional attorneys on appropriate methods of handling legal and administrative tasks assigned to their areas.
Is responsible for prosecution of all litigation by and against the county, delegating assignments to subordinates where appropriate.
Advises and assists the County Judge on civil non-litigation matters (oral and written advice; negotiation preparation review; and revision of all types of legal documents).
Investigates, researches, prepares for, and litigates state and federal court cases.
Serves as a resource for county elected officials and department heads, and provides legal opinions for them.
Keeps current on all facets of civil law and litigation.
Keeps records of office functions and assists in computerization of office functions.
May be involved in public outreach.
Performs such other duties as may be assigned.


J.D. or L.L.B. degree plus at least five to eight years of legal practice involving either direct or supervisory participation in both litigation and non-litigation civil matters with at least six months of direct participation in each, including two to three years of supervision of other attorneys.
Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities, may be considered for current Nueces County employees only.
Knowledge of the following areas:   1) child protective services procedures and law 2) protective order procedures and law 3) juvenile procedures and law 4) condemnation, probate and property law and related litigation 5) criminal proceedings and law, including but not limited to expunctions, surety bonds, vehicles, and other asset seizures   6) personal injury defense   7) civil rights and employment litigation 8) state and federal civil and criminal procedure and evidentiary rules, including knowledge specifically required for litigation and 9) state and federal appellate practice and procedure.


License from the Texas State Bar to practice law in the State of Texas and in Federal District Court, Federal Appellate Court (Fifth Circuit).  Texas Operator’s Drivers License (attorneys use their own private vehicles).

Applicants may apply via the Nueces County website at THIS LINK.