Cochran County Attorney

Cochran County Attorney position open:

 Cochran County is a tight knit governmental agency located in a small rural county.  The successful applicant will be expected to intend on moving to the county so that s/he will be electable in the next election term.  The County Attorney will prosecute misdemeanor criminal cases, represent the county in juvenile proceedings, provide legal advice to the county commissioners and other elected officials, advise and work with law enforcement and the juvenile probation office,  and bring civil enforcement actions on behalf of the county or state.  The County Attorney may elect to represent the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in litigation.

Pay will depend on experience and approval from Commissioner’s Court for appointment.  $35-70,000+/-  along with County Holidays, vacation and insurance.

Please contact Cochran County Judges Office if interested.

Pat Sabala Henry
Cochran County Judge
100 North Main Room 105
Morton, Texas 79346
Fax: 806-266-5629