CPS Regional Attorney III

CPS Regional Attorney III: provides direct representation in court for CPS in legal cases. The position provides expertise, guidance, and instruction in family law, civil litigation, and agency policy. The position monitors the progress of all Texas Department of Family and Protective Services court cases within the assigned area of responsibility and takes appropriate measures to ensure the timely and appropriate resolution of those cases. The position interacts routinely with caseworkers, supervisors, program directors and program administrators; agency attorneys, county and district attorneys, and opposing counsel; judges; agency clients, witnesses, community professionals, and expert witnesses; and protective services clients and the general public.

Applicants must have graduated from an accredited law school; be licensed to practice law in Texas; and, be in good standing with the Bar.

Applicants must have knowledge of family law and civil practice, and the ability to synthesize the law, administrative rules, agency policies and goals, and best practice recommendations to reach an appropriate interpretation. Applicants also must have the ability to convey complex legal ideas and instructions clearly to DFPS staff.

Applicants must complete a State of Texas Application found on workintexas.com.  The minimum salary is $5,258 per month.