Criminal Investigator (Tx Peace Officer)

POSITION: Criminal Investigator (Tx Peace Officer)

SALARY: $57,781.76 plus benefits.

LOCATION: Medina Criminal District Attorney’s Office, 1403 Avenue N, Hondo, Texas


The Office the Medina County Criminal District Attorney’s Office has an opening for a Criminal Investigator to assist Prosecutors in the investigation and prosecution felony crimes.


Conducts investigations and provides support for the trial of criminal cases. Provides evaluation and analysis of the investigative work completed by law enforcement agencies. Performs other duties as directed by the District Attorney or the Chief Investigator.


Works closely with the prosecutors, review and work up criminal cases as assigned. Assists in court during regular scheduled dockets. Locate and interviews victims, witnesses, and other persons deemed to be relevant to the case. As well as;

  • Review all cases turned in (misdemeanor and felonies).
  • Order/request prior judgments and penitentiary packets for each case file when necessary.
  • Request any additional information needed for cases files to ensure they are ready for prosecution.
  • Conduct follow up interviews with witnesses/victims/law enforcement for cases when necessary.
  • Review cases post indictment to ensure they are trial ready when they are placed on the trial docket.
  • Assists in the presentation and preparation of courtroom/trial material.
  • Testifies in court when necessary.
  • Assists local law enforcement agencies with criminal investigation when requested.
  • Acts as a liaison between the District Attorney’s Office and all law enforcement agencies.
  • Serves citations and subpoenas as required.
  • Assists in preparation and execution of arrest and search warrants.
  • Aid in vetting process for every Voir Dire.
  • Subpoenaing records required for investigation for all law enforcement agencies that we serve.
  • Obtain evidence for cases when required.
  • Accompanying victims to hospital for medical treatment or meeting them at the hospital to obtain statements for agencies when needed.
  • Interviewing suspects when necessary.
  • Aid with victim assistance in court.
  • Assist agencies with signing up and maintaining confidential informants.
  • Attend autopsies when necessary.
  • Attend multi-disciplinary team meetings when necessary.
  • Subpoena all witnesses for court proceedings to include trials.
  • Manage and organize all witnesses for trial testimony.
  • Prepare all necessary exhibits for trial.
  • Manage all courtroom electronic equipment used in court/trial.
  • Attend and maintain all training requirements for TCOLE licensing.
  • Accompany and conduct Sex Offender compliance checks with state and federal agencies in our community.
  • Attend forensic interviews when necessary.
  • Assist with department vehicle maintenance requirements.


High school diploma/GED; currently Licensed as a Texas Peace Officer, Advanced TCOLE Certification preferred but not required. Eight (8) years law enforcement experience, with a minimum of Five (5) years of investigative experience. Must possess or be willing to obtain a TCOLE instructors license. Spanish speaking a plus, but not required. Good computer skills; working knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing and database software; good verbal and written communication and organizational skills; interpersonal skills and ability to deal effectively with the public and victims of crime and their families. Must be able to complete projects and tasks in a in a timely and accurate manner. Knowledge of TCIC/NCIC databases.


The Medina County Criminal District Attorney’s Office serves Medina County and is located in Hondo, Texas west of San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. We are looking for a highly self-motivated hardworking criminal investigator, who is passionate about combating crimes in our communities. Salary is $57,781.76, plus benefits, which includes, two weeks paid vacation, sick leave, all required professional dues paid, and a take home vehicle provided if residence is within the county.

Send resume and TCOLE Personal History Statement to: Debra Lankford – Chief Investigator

Email: [email protected]

Questions regarding this position may be directed to Debra Lankford by email.