Criminal Investigator

POSITION: Border Prosecution Unit Investigator/Analyst (Texas Peace Officer)

SALARY: $57,750.00

LOCATION: 38th Judicial District Attorney, Real and Uvalde Counties

Employment Opportunity Posting

38th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Courthouse Square, Box 5
Uvalde, Texas 78801


The Office of the District Attorney, 38TH Judicial District, has an opening for a Border Prosecution Unit Investigator/Analyst in Uvalde County to assist the border crimes prosecutors in the investigation and prosecution of felony crimes with a nexus to the Texas-Mexico border. We are looking for a highly self-motivated hardworking criminal investigator, who is passionate about combating crimes in our communities. Salary is $57,750.00, plus benefits. Must be willing to submit to a criminal history check and sign a confidentiality agreement.


The border prosecution unit investigator will manage the 38th Judicial District Gang Database and adhere to all federal regulations required in its management, including, but not limited to, training of law enforcement personnel on qualifications for submission of a defendant into the database. The border prosecution investigator is expected to be familiar or

is also expected to work closely with the border prosecutors, review and analyze criminal cases

as assigned; work closely and provide assistance to state and federal law enforcement agencies while compiling data and evidence to create and develop engaging in organized criminal activity cases along with state law enforcement agencies, other judicial districts

must learn the cultural and symbolic uses of language and behavior by

different gangs or transnational criminal organizations infecting the 38th Judicial

District and must develop an intimate knowledge of gang or cartel disputes and

territories. The border prosecution unit investigator must be dedicated to the prevention

of gang-related or transnational criminal organization activity within the state of Texas

and be dedicated to networking with other law enforcement agencies, state and federal, to

foster critical exchanges of information. The border prosecution unit investigator

and federal law enforcement agencies. Must be able to review and evaluate any felony case as to its strengths and weaknesses; assist the border prosecutors in the preparation of felony cases for disposition, i. e., plea bargain or trial; assist in the preparation, review and execution of arrest and search warrants, when needed; assist in court during trial and pretrial scheduled dockets; assist in the presentation and preparation of courtroom/trial material; prepare subpoenas for local law enforcement agencies; locate and interview victims and witnesses; prepare witnesses; testify in court when necessary and serve citations and subpoenas as required.

Performs other duties as directed by the District Attorney.


Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required; high school diploma/GED; currently licensed as a Texas Peace Officer, Eight (8) years law enforcement experience, with a minimum of Five (5) years of investigative experience is a must. TCOLE certified instructor, preferred or willing to work to be an instructor. Spanish speaking a plus. Good computer skills; working knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing and database software; good verbal and written communication and organizational skills; interpersonal skills and ability to deal effectively with the public and victims of crime and their families. Must be able to complete projects and tasks in a timely and accurate manner. Must have good working relationships with state and federal law enforcement agencies. Must have a working knowledge of TCIC/NCIC databases and be able to decipher criminal histories. Must be able to evaluate a case and narrow its issues to be understood by a jury. Travel within the 38th Judicial District and all over south Texas is required at times. Applicant must possess a valid Texas Driver’s license and have no moving traffic violations for the preceding three years. Applicant must be able to pass a criminal history check and be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Send resume and TCOLE certifications to:

Shayne Gilland, Chief Investigator, 38th Judicial District Attorney’s office Email: [email protected] DEADLINE: 12/31/2021