Elder Abuse Attorney (Attorney V)

Elder Abuse Attorney (Attorney V)

Location: Dallas, Texas

Beginning Salary: $112,961-$141,157

Summary of Functions: This position leads a team of attorneys, investigators, and advocates to prosecute highly complex financial and violent crimes committed against elderly and disabled individuals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Investigates and prosecutes highly complex financial crimes. 
  2. Investigates and prosecutes violent crimes, including injury to elderly and disabled individuals, homicides, etc. 
  3. Leads a team in a trial division and directs subordinates who have trial-skills and trial related questions.
  4. Works with community-based organizations that assist elderly and disabled individuals.  Works with governmental organizations that protect elderly or disabled individuals, such as Adult Protective Services (APS).
  5. Engages in outreach efforts to communicate with organizations for elderly individuals often in residential facilities, by going out into the community and sharing information and assistance.
  6. Attends current trainings and create new trainings for law enforcement agencies, other first responders, financial institutions, social service organizations and the community on how to detect, report, and investigate crimes committed against vulnerable adults. 
  7. Manages active grant funded positions and searches for new grants and funding opportunities

Education and Experience:

Graduation from an accredited law school and a minimum of four (4) years of experience practicing law.

Experience in investigating and prosecuting financial and violent crimes involving elderly or disabled individuals

Special Requirements/Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Requires a current license to practice law in the State of Texas. Requires experience as a lead prosecutor on more complex cases. Knowledge of vertical-based investigations and prosecutions. Knowledge of trusts and estates matters and documents such as guardianships, powers of attorney, trust documents, and types of investment vehicles.

How to apply:
Email your resume to [email protected]