Felony Attorneys

The El Paso District Attorney’s Office is currently hiring both experienced and entry level attorneys. 

We are seeking prosecutors with all levels of experience, from those who are recently licensed to those who have experience managing large felony dockets and have tried multiple murder cases to a verdict. The El Paso District Attorney’s Office offers competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement.

Highest Starting Salaries (depending on experience):

Trial Team Chief- $130,705.03

Principal Trial Attorney – $129,554.72

Senior Trial Attorney (includes appellate attorney) – $114,643.04

Trial Attorney – $80,895.32

Who we are:

The El Paso District Attorney’s Office prosecutes cases in the fifth largest metropolitan area in Texas. El Paso is located in a beautiful arid region with low humidity and an average of 297 days of sunshine every year. Despite having a low cost of living, El Paso offers the same entertainment opportunities as any other metropolitan area. Unlike many others, though, El Paso also offers tons of outdoor activities – year round biking, hiking and climbing, with ski slopes a short distance away.

Led by District Attorney Yvonne Rosales, our office is extremely diverse, challenging and focused on justice. We are dedicated to convicting the guilty, but only the guilty. Justice is our guiding principle. We encourage prosecutors to exercise good judgment in evaluating cases, as opposed to simply focusing on getting maximum sentences.

We are seeking attorneys who are focused on excellence, justice and career development. Being on the U.S. side of the largest international border metropolis in world, the EPDA’s office offers a truly unique prosecutorial experience. We are dedicated to training entry level attorneys, but also to providing a fast track to the highest level of prosecution for those who are enthusiastic and capable. The environment is extremely challenging, but for those whose goal is to become one of the best prosecutors in the country, this is the place for you!

Job Description (please refer to the El Paso County website for full details)

When hired in as an entry level trial attorney, a person is generally assigned to prosecute misdemeanor cases and, under close supervision, manages a trial docket in one of the myriad of misdemeanor courts in El Paso.

When hired in as a Senior Trial attorney or a Principal Trial Attorney, a person is generally assigned to prosecute felony cases with minimal supervision, and is expected to do everything that is necessary to manage a full felony docket in one of the 12 felony courts in El Paso. This includes prosecuting all types of cases, ranging from state jail felonies to sexual assault and murder cases.

Appellate attorneys will start in the appeals section, maintaining a full, deadline-driven appellate and post-conviction caseload, including evidentiary hearings and appellate arguments.

General Duties:

  1. Represents the State of Texas in the prosecution of adult felony, misdemeanor, and asset forfeiture cases, including ancillary criminal and civil proceedings, filed in all relevant courts – from presentment through conviction; Presents cases to the Grand Jury; Appears in court representing the State of Texas at all phases of the prosecution, and does everything that is necessary in order to represent the State of Texas in all such proceedings.
  2. Reviews investigative reports from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and officers, and exercises discretion in determining which cases are accepted for prosecution or declined and appropriate criminal charges and forfeitures; May advise law enforcement agencies and personnel regarding legal requirements for arrest or search warrants;
  3. Performs legal research and keeps abreast of changes in the law;

Appellate Attorney Duties:

  1. represents the State in all types of post-conviction litigation, including direct appeals, post-conviction writs of habeas corpus, and other types of post-conviction litigation;
  2. initiates State’s appeals or original mandamus proceedings challenging adverse trial-court rulings, and respond to original mandamus proceedings filed by the defense
  3. drafts and files appellate briefs and other–often complex–legal documents, prepares and presents oral arguments in the appellate courts, and participates in evidentiary hearings in the trial courts. Additionally, the attorney will advise and provide legal-research assistance to attorneys in other divisions of the District Attorney’s Office

Education and Experience:

All positions require a J.D. from an accredited law school and Texas Bar certification.

Senior Trial Attorney requires a minimum of three (3) years of criminal trial experience; Appellate Attorney generally requires at least a minimum of three (3) years of appellate experience.

Principal Trial Attorney requires a minimum of Four (4) years of prosecutorial trial experience, including felony docket management with experience of trying complex first degree felony cases to a verdict. First chair prosecutorial experience trying murder cases to verdict is an extreme plus.

Trial Team Chief requires a minimum of Ten (10) years of prosecutorial trial experience, all of the requirements of a Principal Trial Attorney, as well as managerial experience.


El Paso County offers significant benefits, including multiple levels of comprehensive health care benefits –medical, dental and vision plans. It also maintains a pension plan through one of the best retirement systems in the country – i.e., the Texas District and County Retirement System. It offers life, long and short term disability insurance, as well as health care reimbursement accounts and a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. Employees receive eleven holidays, as well as earn generous vacation and sick time.

When applying, please first call Yvette Ruiz, at (915) 546-2059, extension 2062. Please be prepared to provide a cover letter, your resume and a county application.