Felony Trial Prosecutor

We are looking to continue the good work of the Williamson County District Attorney’s Office with professional, ethical, experienced felony prosecutors.  We want to attract the finest talent from around the State to work in the greatest County in Texas.  We are located in Central Texas and our major cities include Georgetown, Round Rock and Austin.  

This prosecutor will be responsible for all adult felony prosecutions from initial court filing to final disposition or trial, prepare and send newly filed charges to the Grand Jury in a timely fashion, and will represent the State of Texas in all court proceedings, plea negotiations, evidence review, trial preparation, and witness interviews. The prosecutor in this position will also be expected to maintain regular communication with the victims of criminal offenses and ensure that victim’s rights are respected in accordance with the law. A particular focus is paid towards preparing and moving felony criminal charges to trial in a timely fashion while demonstrating excellent trial advocacy skills.

We are looking for trial prosecutors with five (5) years’ experience as an attorney, and three (3) of experience in felony prosecution.  Salary not less than $100,000, but actual salary will be commensurate with experience.

Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected]