First Assistant District Attorney



Under the direction of the elected District Attorney, assist with administering criminal justice in Val Verde County, Texas by helping to assure that the department maintains a high degree of competence and efficiency in handling criminal cases and certain civil cases for the County to its citizens, such as mental commitments, juvenile matters, children’s protective service matters, protective orders, and all other matters for which the District Attorney’s office is responsible.


  1. Perform intake for matters brought to the District Attorney’s office, including the screening and reviewing of cases to determine the legal and factual sufficiency of cases submitted, interviewing complainants or victims, and performing investigations necessary to the particular matter;
  2. Determine recommendations for court action;
  3. Perform legal research necessary for felony criminal cases as well civil issues, District Court, or Justice of the Peace Court.
  4. Prepare cases for trial, including, but not limited to, the issuance of subpoenas, motions, writs, warrants, and other related documents;
  5. Confer with elected District Attorney, other office personnel, defense attorneys, investigators, law enforcement officials, victims, witnesses, and other parties concerning assigned cases, and do so in a professional manner;
  6. Interview and prepare witnesses for court proceedings;
  7. Prosecute cases in the District Court, County Court At Law, Justice of the Peace Court, and in such other courts as deemed necessary;
  8. Respond to correspondence, as appropriate, from persons making inquiry to or requesting information relating to District Attorney’s office is involved;
  9. Maintain current knowledge of law and procedure as necessary to carry out the duties of the District Attorney’s office;
  10. Brief the District Attorney on all cases when requested or appropriate;
  11. Assist victims and witnesses with legal processes as may be appropriate and required;
  12. Demonstrate extremely high integrity, professional demeanor, and proper respect to the court and public in the courtroom at all times; and
  13. Performs related work as required. (Position may not include all the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all the duties, which may be performed or supervised.)


Knowledge of: Judicial principles, criminal law principles, and applicable civil and criminal laws.  Must have a current—and ongoing working knowledge of the law, procedure, and rules of evidence necessary to help carry out the duties of this position.  Must have a high degree of competence and efficiency.  Must be experienced in all aspects of handling cases—from screening and reviewing, to researching and analyzing, to pleading, to presenting them well in court—effectively communicating facts and precedents verbally and in writing.

Skill to: Negotiate plea agreements; obtain information from individuals as deemed necessary for a case; operate a computer to process and retrieve data and information; handle the public with dignity and respect.

Ability to: Develop research methods and perform legal research; receive and follow general  instruction and make decisions; consult knowledgably with victims, witnesses, law enforcement personnel and defendants; analyze facts, procedures, and legal precedent; present facts and precedents effectively in court and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other county employees and officials, court personnel, other attorneys and the general public; work well with people from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds; and communicate articulately both orally and in writing, both in and out of the courtroom.  Must work well under pressure and exercise tact in trying situations while ensuring timely and appropriate case resolutions.  Must be a self-starter—and also a team player who takes direction well.  Must exhibit a sense of duty for rendering justice.


Degree from an accredited law school. Three to five years prosecutorial experience preferred, but those with less experience will be considered.


Attorney in good standing with and licensed by the State Bar of Texas.  Must have a valid Texas driver’s license and no criminal history.


Lifting:  Continuou: upward and downward flexion of the neck. Frequent: sitting, repetitive use of hands to operate computers, printers and copiers. Occasional: walking, standing, bending and twisting of neck, bending and twisting of waist, squatting, simple grasping, reaching above and below shoulder level, and lifting and carrying of files weighing up to 10 pounds.

Travel:  Kinney and Terrell County

Shift Work:   This position is a Monday through Friday job with the occasional flexibility appropriate to proper performance of the work.

Other:     Base Salary $82,320.00

To apply, send resume and cover letter to:
Juanita Barrera
[email protected]
Human Resources Director
400 Pecan St.
Del Rio, Texas 78840
Telephone No. 830-774-7543
Fax No. 830-774-7642