Fraud Examiner

Position:  Fraud Examiner

Employer:  Galveston County Criminal District Attorney’s Office

Location:  Galveston, TX

The Galveston County Criminal District Attorney’s Office will have an opening for a fraud examiner effective March 17, 2022.

Job Summary:

This position assists trial attorneys in the investigation and prosecution of all types of white-collar crimes (swindles, frauds, thefts, insurance fraud, misapplications, mortgage fraud, etc.) and asset forfeitures.

Major duties include:

  • Interviewing individuals who are victims, witnesses, and suspects for the purpose of:
    • Determining the criminal potential of each complaint.
    • Developing all facets of any criminal schemes and obtaining statements and documentary evidence to establish the commission of a crime.
    • Tracing assets to criminal activity for asset forfeiture.
  • Review and analyze financial records to identify and trace stolen funds to their final disposition.
  • Preparation of evaluation reports and evidentiary exhibits to assist prosecutors in grand jury presentations and at trial, including giving witness testimony.
  • Testifying as an expert witness.
  • Report writing.


  • Excellent writing and grammatical abilities in order to logically and easily explain complex criminal schemes.
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to identify the various criminal violations represented by the suspects’ activities (knowledge of the pertinent criminal statutes will be gained through on the job training).
  • Knowledge of accounting, banking and general business procedures are preferred.
  • An inquisitive mind and an ability to follow “paper trails” left by financial transactions.
  • Must possess at least a bachelor’s degree, with graduate degree or working towards one preferred and/or experience in auditing, financial analysis, or fraud investigations.

Annual salary is $57,719.

Submit resumes and references via email or mail to:

Kevin Petroff

First Assistant Criminal District Attorney

600 59th Street, Suite 1001

Galveston, Texas 77551

Email:  kevin.petroff(at)