Investigations and environmental enforcement personnel


Anticipated Starting Date: Immediate (Position posted July 29, 2019)

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Please read the complete description of duties found below. This is not an entry-level position. Peace Officer training preferred. A broad knowledge of criminal justice and environmental/code enforcement processes and accompanying administrative skills is required.

Applications are available at or at the Llano County Human Resources Office located at 1447 E. State Hwy 71, Unit C, Llano, Texas 78643.

General Description of Duties:

This position serves two roles: Investigations and/or Environmental Enforcement/Compliance for Llano County.

In the area of investigations, the team member works with the Llano County Attorney’s Office and conducts investigations of crimes by gathering and analyzing evidence from witnesses, victims and suspects; assists with the administrative intake and processing of criminal cases prepared by area law enforcement agencies; prepares criminal cases for County Court; and, performs other duties and responsibilities as required by the County Attorney.

In the capacity of environmental enforcement and compliance, the team member works with the Llano County Attorney’s Office to assess and facilitate the rehabilitation of environmental hazards in public and private areas within the county’s jurisdiction.

Other Requirements:

Highly motivated, positive, mature and self-starting professional with exceptional problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills. Position may require travel to other courts or locations within the county or beyond. Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may require maintaining physical conditioning necessary for walking, standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time, climb stairs or ladders and lift and carry light to heavy materials (in excess of 25 pounds) as well as the ability to run, crouch or crawl, and coordinate hand and eye movement in a rapid and accurate manner. Requires the ability to see, smell, taste, hear and speak as well as differentiate color, texture and depth.

Llano County is an equal opportunity employer.