Legal Assistant – BPU (grant funded)

Notice of Employment Opportunity

Employer:                                  79th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Position:                                     Legal Assistant for Border Prosecution Unit (BPU) Operation Lone Star (OLS)

Salary:                                       $34,000-$36,000, with a possibility beyond based on Applicant’s experience and duties

Summary:                                  The Legislature has provided funding for the BPU to provide an attorney specifically dedicated to assisting County Attorneys with investigations and prosecutions of OLS caseloads within the BPU regions. Under the custom and practice of the BPU, the regional District Attorneys work together to insure the BPU/OLS prosecution team (prosecutor, investigator and administrative assistant) is available and is deployed in a manner to effectively address the priorities and needs of the County Attorneys in the jurisdictions in which they serve. The assignment of the BPU/OLS prosecution team and the principal office location(s) for the positions will be determined by the employing District Attorney in consultation with the County Attorneys in the jurisdiction. The selection of the BPU/OLS personnel is determined in consultation with the District Attorney and County Attorneys within the jurisdiction. The employing District Attorney has the sole right to employ and/or terminate the personnel under the BPU grant and each elected prosecutor has the sole responsibility to supervise the BPU/OLS personnel assigned to assist with their respective caseloads. The BPU/OLS Prosecutor is hired and supervised by the 79th Judicial District Attorney and will comply with the personnel policies set by Jim Wells County and will be assigned to assist the County Attorneys within the 79th Judicial District (Jim Wells and Brooks Counties) and other jurisdictions within the BPU region in the prosecution of OLS and Border security related caseloads.

Job Description:                          Typing, copying, faxing and filing of legal documents.

Communication with the public, court clerks, judicial court managers, crime victim’s service providers, law enforcement agencies and criminal defense counsel by telephone and in person.

Assist the County Attorney(s) within the 79th Judicial District and within the BPU Region where assigned with OLS and border security related caseloads.

Assist BPU/OLS prosecutors prepare BPU/OLS cases for prosecution and in providing discovery to defense.

Assist prosecutors prepare BPU/OLS cases for court settings including, but not limited to, pre-indictment hearings, writ hearings, pre-trial hearings, suppression hearings, trials, and post-conviction matters.

Assist in maintaining BPU/OLS case data and BPU grant statistics for progress reports.

Assist in preparing the BPU grant applicant and complying with BPU grant audits.

Communicate with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors’ offices in connection with BPU investigations and prosecutions.

Assist BPU investigator in maintaining and updating gang database.

Assist with setting up and registration of local BPU provided training

Complete other tasks connected with BPU/OLS cases as assigned.

Handle sensitive and confidential information.

Update BPU case information in the case management system.

Required Qualifications:               High School Diploma or GED minimum.

Familiarization with MS Word and Access Programs.

Be able to use computer and general office equipment.

Communication skills for assistance to public by telephone and in person.

Be able to file efficiently.

Physically able to lift boxes weighing approximately 30 pounds.

Physically be able to climb stairs.

Be able to work in high stress environment and work well with others.

Be able to work before and beyond 8-5 work day, when necessary, with comp. time given, no overtime.

Typing and office proficiency test                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Criminal background check will be required

No felony convictions or crimes of moral turpitude.

Preferred:                                   Bilingual:  English & Spanish

Experience in County/District Attorney’s/Clerk’s Office

Application Deadline:                   Until Filled

ABOUT THIS OFFICE:  The 79th Judicial District is comprised of Jim Wells and Brooks Counties County.  We are looking for a highly self-motivated hardworking individual who is dedicated to obtaining positive results in prosecuting criminal cases. The position is funded through a BPU grant provided through the Governor’s Office; benefits provided through Jim Wells County.

APPLICATIONS:  Available at the 79th judicial Attorney’s Office applicants may also request for an application to be faxed or emailed to them by emailing a request to [email protected]

Submit resume and application through mail, fax or email. 

Attention: Vivian Lara, Office Manager

Mailing Address: P.O. Drawer 3157, Alice, TXD 78333

Fax:  (361)668-9974; Email: [email protected]

The 79th Judicial District Attorney’s office is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All employees are expected to conform to the employment policies of Jim Wells and Brooks County and the District Attorney’s Office.

All employees are employed “at will”