Legal Counsel

Examination Announcement Number: LB-JVA-24-001                    

Position: Legal Counsel

PL-UNGRADED: $ 75,000.00 to $80,000.00 per annum                    

The salary will be determined by the qualification of the appointee           

Opening Date: October 18, 2023

Closing Date: Until Filled                                     

Location: Honorable Jesus P. Mafnas Memorial Building (CNMI Legislature), Capitol Hill, Saipan

General Duties:

  • Serves as Counsel to the Legislative Chamber to which he or she is primarily assigned;
  • Receives requests for the creation and/or legal review of legislative documents and prepares or coordinates the preparation of such;
  • Assigned to designated committees and provides non-partial service to the chairpersons and members of those committees;
  • Performs complex legal research activities involving legislative bills and reports and provides legal opinions as requested by the leadership, presiding officer, and individual members to which he/she is assigned;
  • Advise the Legislators of CNMI laws and regulations which are archaic, are obsolete, conflict with other laws, or do not conform with the decisions of the courts;
  • Attend sessions, committee meetings and other legislative meetings as requested by the members;
  • Represents the chamber to which he/she is assigned in lawsuits in which that chamber is a party as directed by the Presiding Officer and pursuant to resolution, including initiating lawsuits in which public interest so requires.  Such representation may be performed alone or in association with suitable outside counsel hired by the chamber;
  • Travels within and outside the Commonwealth as necessary as requested for legislative purposes;
  • Review legislation and drafts contracts, agreements, and legal opinions;
  • Interpret state and federal laws requiring considerable legal experience and the exercise of a considerable degree of independent judgment;
  • Represent the Legislative Bureau on all matters and performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Possesses a Juris Doctor degree from an institution accredited by the American Bar Association; is a member in good standing of a Bar in any U.S. Jurisdiction.
  • Ability to produce results within limited time frames and work under pressure on a daily basis.
  • Upholds strict confidentiality requirements.
  • 2 years of legislative experience preferred.  
  • Undergo a pre-employment drug test.

Education and training claimed under item 19(A) through 19(F) of the Application for Employment must be substantiated by a copy of an official diploma and/or certificate. Failure to provide the required documents will result in automatic disqualification.

Employment application may be accessed at or may be picked up at the Office of the Director of the Legislative Bureau located at the Honorable Jesus P. Mafnas Memorial Building (CNMI Legislature), Capitol Hill, Saipan. Completed application and police clearance may be submitted to the Office of the Director or may be mailed to the Office of the Director; Legislative Bureau; P.O. Box 500586; Saipan, MP 96950. No telephone inquiries.