Protective Order / Victim’s Rights Attorney

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office is in search of a Protective Order / Victim’s Rights Attorney.   Interested applicants should be dedicated to public service and have a commitment to helping victims of violence.

This Attorney will represent the State and/or Applicants in civil suits seeking:

·         Ch. 85, Family Code Applications:

o   Family Violence Protective Orders 

·         Ch. 7b, Code of Criminal Procedure Applications:

o   Sexual Assault/Abuse Protective Orders, 

o   Indecent Assault Protective Orders, 

o   Stalking Protective Orders, 

o   Trafficking Protective Orders, and

o    Offenses Motivated by Bias or Prejudice Protective Orders 

This attorney’s responsibilities will include:

·         Interviewing applicants prior to approving or rejecting applications;

·         Reviewing applications, including affidavits, and approving or rejecting said applications;

·         Drafting and finalizing civil pleadings related to Protective Orders;  and,

·         Meeting with applicants to prepare them for final hearing.

The Protective Order Attorney will also represent the State in justice or magistrate courts in hearings on civil Motions to vacate or modify Magistrate’s Orders of Emergency Protection.

The Protective Order Attorney shall be available during regular business hours for consultations with staff, court personnel, witnesses and defense counsel, as well as participating in public service announcements and community outreach events. 

Cameron County is the 13th biggest County in Texas.  It has 9 District Courts, 5 County Courts at Law, and 10 Justice Courts.   Home to South Padre Island, Texas, and Boca Chica Beach, Cameron County is a burgeoning metropolitan area with the county seat, Brownsville, experiencing  a down town renaissance.

Interested parties should send a resume to CCDA Office Manager Michael Reyes via electronic mail at [email protected].