Regional Border Prosecutor

Annual Salary $99,000
(Border Prosecution Unit-Region 2)
Posting date: 6/1/2019
Supervising Attorney – Honorable Isidro R. Alaniz

Job description statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to the position title.  They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, qualifications, and skills required.  The District Attorneys within Border Prosecution Unit, Region 2 reserve the right to change or assign other duties to this position.

About the Unit:

The Border Prosecution Unit (“BPU”) for Region 2 prosecutes state felony offenses classified as border crimes that are committed within the region.  The region is comprised of five prosecutor districts:  the 38th Judicial District, the 49th Judicial District, the 293rd Judicial District, the 156th Judicial District and the 81st Judicial District. The Regional Border Prosecutor is assigned to work with the regional command staff of the Department of Public Safety and the department’s Criminal Investigations Division (CID), located in Laredo, Texas.

Job Summary:

The regional border prosecutor serves as a liaison between the various district attorneys’ offices in the region, the TxDPS, and other criminal justice entities in the region; provides technical and legal assistance and training to criminal investigators from the TxDPS and other law enforcement agencies within the region; prosecutes cases involving border crimes in any jurisdiction within the region; and assists other border prosecutors.

The Regional Border Prosecutor reports directly to the 49th Judicial District Attorney, who, in consultation with District Attorneys within Region 2, will establish regional priorities and assign the Regional Border Prosecutor to specific duties. The Regional Border Prosecutor shall work closely with the other border prosecutors in the region, as well as investigative personnel from the TxDPS CID Office including command staff, field supervisors, and agents.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assists other border prosecutors in the prosecution of cases.
  • Screen cases, as needed.
  • Present cases to a grand jury, as needed.
  • Participate in the preparation and trial of cases, as needed.
  • Serves as a liaison between the district attorneys’ offices and other criminal justice entities.
  • Work closely with the command staff, field supervisors and agents of the TxDPS, as well as other local law enforcement agencies within the region.
  • Work closely with federal prosecutors and federal law enforcement agents within the region, as needed.
  • Attend as a BPU representative at various law enforcement meetings, multi-agency task forces, and staff meetings with local, state, and federal entities.
  • Provides technical and legal assistance to investigative personnel.
  • Provide legal advice, opinions and recommendations to investigative personnel in the areas of search and seizure issues, statutes and case law, and case presentations.
  • Review affidavits by investigative personnel requesting the issuance of search warrants, wiretap orders, pen register and trap and trace orders, mobile tracking device orders, and other similar court orders.
  • Request court orders authorizing investigative personnel to intercept oral, wire, and electronic communications; install and use a pen register and trap and trace device; the disclosure of subscriber records and information; and other similar orders that are required to be made by a prosecutor.
  • Coordinates training for investigative personnel.
  • Help constituent agencies identify training needs at the regional level.
  • Help develop training curricula, and training guides for investigative personnel.
  • Participate in regional training presentations and/or host regional training sessions for investigative personnel.
  • Provides legal and technical expertise to other border prosecutors.
  • Perform complex legal research relating to all aspects of investigating and prosecuting border crimes, as requested.
  • Coordinate with other border prosecutors and criminal justice personnel to identify subject matter experts in the investigation and prosecution of complex, long-term cases against organized criminal enterprises.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend Continuing Legal Education and relevant training seminars.
  • Keep abreast of relevant court decisions and legislative changes.
  • Travel within the BPU regions and the state to attend mandatory BPU meetings and training sessions, and to assist other border prosecutors.
  • Prepare formal legal memorandums in response to requests from the district attorneys in the region through the trial division chief.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


Applicants must possess a J.D. degree from an accredited law school, and must be duly licensed and authorized to practice as an attorney under the laws of Texas.  Active membership in good standing of the State Bar of Texas is required. Additionally, the applicant must have at least five years of full-time experience as a licensed attorney.

The applicant must have a demonstrated capacity to function with minimal supervision in a highly demanding environment; excellent writing and oral advocacy skills; excellent analytical ability; and good judgment. In addition, the applicant must exhibit the ability to work in a supportive and professional manner with other attorneys, support staff and client agencies.

The applicant will be expected to be substantially self-sufficient, and do their own legal research and writing, prepare day-to-day correspondence and pleadings, as well as complete other assigned tasks.

Preferred Qualifications

Ideally, the applicant will have an outstanding academic record; at least five years of litigation experience, including experience in the preparation and trial of complex cases; strong legal research and writing ability; strong courtroom skills; superior organizational skills; and computer literacy skills.


The regional border prosecutor will be assigned to and house with the Texas Department of Public Safety.