Second Chair Border Prosecutor

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office is in search of a Second Chair Border Prosecutor. The BPU is a state funded program that supports a border initiative of District Attorney’s Offices to coordinate regional trainings and  effectively prosecute transnational crime, including but not limited to, Human Trafficking, Smuggling of Persons, Money Laundering, Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substances, and Delivery of Marijuana.  Cameron County BPU Prosecutors are supported by a local BPU Investigator, local BPU Paralegal, and local BPU Analyst.  They also work closely with the HIDTA Unified Narcotics Intelligence Task Force.

The BPU Prosecutors work closely with and coordinates long term investigations with the Texas Department of Public Safety, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.   In addition, a BPU Prosecutor conducts regional trainings for law enforcement officials about BPU related topics.

Ideal candidates should have 2 to 4 years prosecution experience, a working understanding of Ch. 18, 18A, and 18B of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and a desire to be involved in an organized coordinated response to transnational crime.  Please send a resume to CCDA Office Manager Michael Reyes at [email protected] with a cc to First Assistant DA Sandoval at [email protected].