Assistant County Attorney - Environmental Group

Job Description: Office of the Harris County Attorney - Environmental Group

Any candidate for this position must be a licensed Texas Attorney with three to five years of experience in civil trial and an interest in environmental law. They should be excellent at multi-tasking, thinking on their feet, and be able to establish a good working relationship with the clients, Harris County Pollution Control Services Department, Harris County Engineering Department, the Harris County members of Commissioners Court and their staff, citizen environmental groups and the public.

The attorney will be responsible for managing an active caseload of approximately 40 active cases and must have jury trial experience and/or bench trial experience.

The attorney should have a working knowledge of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Civil Evidence and an interest in obtaining a working knowledge of Section 30 of the Texas Administrative Code, The Texas Water Code, The Texas Clean Air Act, The Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act and equivalent federal rules and statutes as well as County Regulations. The attorney must be able to conduct discovery, prepare and argue motions, conduct bench and jury trials and enforce judgments, injunctions and orders as well as any other delegated or assigned tasks.

Performance will be evaluated on individual case results and how well they meet individual goals and goals set for the Environmental team. They will also be evaluated on how effectively they work within the team setting in helping to achieve the legal and administrative goals of the Group and the Office and how well they fit in.

While most of the emphasis in the work is on environmental protection, obtaining awards of civil penalties and attorney’s fees is part of the job.

In addition the attorney will be expected to assist with the general supervision of all non-attorney employees in the Group as well as mentoring participants in the County Attorney’s Internship programs.

In addition to the legal responsibilities, other responsibilities include:

  1. Adhering to policies and procedures and carrying out the work of the Group efficiently and effectively;

  2. Providing input to help evaluating personnel and budgetary needs of the Group;

  3. Participating in one-on-one sessions with Group Manager and to give and receive feedback;

  4. Meeting individual goals and strategies;

  5. Encouraging the Group; and

  6. Attending regular Group meetings and Lessons Learned conferences following major events.

 Send resumes to [email protected].