Civil Attorney

Civil Attorney – Real Estate Division-Eminent Domain Litigator    

Harris County Attorney’s Office

Job Title: Assistant County Attorney

Job Summary:   Responsible for representing Harris County in eminent domain hearings and trials.

General Duties:

Any candidate for this position must be a licensed Texas attorney with at least three years’ experience and must have jury and bench trial experience.  The candidate must have an interest in litigating eminent domain matters on behalf of Harris County.  They should be excellent at the skills necessary to advocate at contested hearings and trials. These skills included being able to confidently conduct direct and cross examinations of expert witnesses and make persuasive arguments to both the special commissioners as well as to a jury and/or judge. Litigation skills are mandatory for this position.

The attorney should have a working knowledge of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the Texas Rules of Evidence. Prior eminent domain experience and a working knowledge of Chapter 21 of the Texas Property Code is preferred, however if the candidate does not have prior experience, they must show a zeal for learning this area of law.

Specific Duties include:

Provide legal advice to the Harris County Real Property Division regarding Harris County’s property acquisitions.

Interview and prepare appraisers and other experts to provide testimony through direct examination at special commissioners’ hearings and jury trials.

Able to effectively cross examine appraisers and other experts when they are presented at special commissioners and jury trials by the opposing side.

Negotiate settlement agreements if practical.

Maintain responsibility for drafting legal documents such as motions, orders, memos and judgments.

Perform legal research by reading the Texas Property Code, relevant case law, analytical books and on-line research utilizing Westlaw.

Manage their case load on a quickly moving docket of 20-60 cases.

Assist with supervision of all non-attorney employees within the Group as well as mentoring participants in the County Attorney’s Internship programs.

Send resumes to [email protected].