PIA Coordinator

Summary of the job, including general nature and broad functions:

This is a non-lawyer position which will coordinate and manage all Public Information Act (PIA) Requests processed through the Office of the Harris County Attorney and will play a significant role in developing a pilot project to centralize and standardize the processing of requests to various County departments.

Detailed Tasks and Responsibilities

The successful applicant:

Exhibits comprehensive knowledge of the Texas Public Information Act through past work experience;

Meets strict deadlines required by the Act;

Prepares correspondence and legal briefs with minimum supervision from an Attorney;

Recognizes legal issues that require the intervention of an Attorney;

Develops and implements standardized and automated electronic processes that will be replicated in other County Offices;

Measures and provides data on a regular basis including number of requests processed, response time, and cost per response [including salary, benefits, and overhead];

Fosters relationships with attorneys and paralegals in the CAO;

Establishes and fosters relationships with Public Information Officers in other County Offices; and

Establishes and fosters positive relationships with the Public Law Practice Group.

Preference will be given to applicants who possess:

Extensive experience in handling Public Information Act requests;

Excellent analytical and organizational skills;

Excellent verbal and written communication skills; and

Proficiency with Microsoft Office and the use of technology.

Educational/Licensure requirements:   Associate’s Degree or higher

Compensation: Salary will be based upon experience. The position will be within the ExecAdmin column on the HCAO STEP chart.

Software used routinely (at least once each week): (Requires intermediate to expert skill levels): Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, and PowerPoint.

Computer and other equipment used:  Dell Desktop and its peripheries, Desktop printer, Ricoh Multifunction Copier, and Fax Machine.

Key Values

Must be able to thrive in an environment based on:


  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with co-workers both within and outside the practice group
  • Establishes and builds trust by diplomatically, but assertively, addressing conflicts directly with co-workers
  • Seeks input from co-workers
  • Seeks opportunities to recognize co-workers
  • Accepts supervision and constructive criticism
  • Reports to work on time and seldom calls in unexpectedly and maintains a good attendance record
  • Manages stress to ensure productivity and co-workers are not negatively impacted

Ethical Excellence

  • Upholds high ethical standards in achieving the goals and mission of the Office
  • Respects the rights and dignity of others
  • Is familiar with and adheres to established rules for professional conduct
  • Adheres to the highest ethical standards in the  performance of legal services
  • Acts with honesty and integrity in dealings with others

An Attitude for Action

  • Self-starter, able to work independently without supervision
  • Organizes and prioritizes multiple projects simultaneously to maintain a high level of productivity
  • Proactively seeks additional duties and responsibilities
  • Makes effective and efficient use of time in carrying out responsibilities
  • Manages stress to ensure productivity
  • Meets deadlines

Measurable Improvement

  • Seeks new ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the  practice group
  • Develops daily habits to improve both self and the organization
  • Establishes goals and works to achieve them
  • Willing to learn new duties, approaches, and routines
  • Proactively seeks avenues for self-development

Service to All, According To Law

  • Recognizes public service as a high calling
  • Understands that our Office serves the people of Harris County by and through their elected representatives
  • Communicates with persons inside and outside of the organization in a prompt, positive and professional manner

All resumes should be sent to [email protected].