The Texas Prosecutor, May-June 2016, Volume 46, No. 3

Intervening with intoxication before a crime occurs

Two prosecutors are attempting to change the culture around driving while intoxicated in Hidalgo County.

One night during my sophomore year of high school, some upperclassmen and I sat in a traffic jam on the freeway. We could see the red and blue lights of police units piercing through the darkness, and it was clear there had been a pretty serious wreck on the frontage road. As we inched past the scene, Jesse Diaz—a boy who would later be the valedictorian of his graduating class—wondered aloud if we knew someone hurt in the wreck. As it turns out, we did.
    The three teens involved in the one-vehicle crash were all schoolmates of ours, including the intoxicated driver. The one fatality was the backseat pa