Prosecutor Management Institute gets additional staffing

Rob Kepple

TDCAF and TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

The Prosecutor Management Institute (PMI) has been receiving rave reviews from those who have attended. (You can read one such review from Midland County District Attorney Laura Nodolf at THIS LINK.) We now have that good problem of keeping up with demand. The Management Institute has been supported in large part by the Foundation and TDCAA staff, led by our Training Director Brian Klas. We have enthusiastically worked to polish our existing course, Fundamentals of Management, and we continue to develop new modules. But we need help!
    I am proud to announce that we now have that help. Kathy Braddock, a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney and former Chief of Staff at that office, has agreed to join the PMI team and lead the work in getting the courses to you. Kathy is already a PMI trainer and staffs the Border Prosecution Unit, so she will hit the ground running. Thanks to the Foundation Board for making this happen, and thanks, Kathy, for joining the team.