Child identifies kidnapping, rape suspect in court

Bob Campbell
Midland Reporter-Telegram

One of Jamon Earnest Jenkins' alleged kidnapping victims, a 6-year-old, testified Tuesday that she saw him beating the other children he had abducted in February 2006 and heard him threaten to kill them.

A seven-man, five-woman 385th District Court jury listened intently as the petite girl told Assistant District Attorney Jane Belazi that Jenkins got her and her now-7-year-old brother to leave a playground near Quail Hollow Apartments and go to his apartment by telling them their mother had told him to keep them for the weekend.

Showing the girl a photo of the defendant in the purple pants and jacket and red shirt he wore when arrested, Belazi asked, "Is this the man who took you to his apartment?"

"Yes," the little girl answered.

She said Jenkins pushed her and her brother out of his apartment, bruising her, when they began loudly screaming and would not stop.

Court-appointed defense lawyer Wayne Frost frequently objected as Belazi sought the girl's agreement with an interview she gave at the Midland Rape Crisis and Children's Advocacy Center.

The alleged victim said she saw Jenkins beating the other children with his belt and heard him exclaim, "I'll kill these kids!"

He is charged with ten felonies including four counts of aggravated sexual assault of children under age 14, four counts of aggravated kidnapping and two counts of hitting public servants in assaults he allegedly made on two deputies with his fists and a handcuff key.

Still incarcerated in lieu of $650,000 in bonds, the 26-year-old Jenkins could face life in prison if convicted. He is accused of committing a variety of sexual acts on the girl and boy, then 5 and 6 years old, whom he allegedly kept in his apartment after releasing the first two. He is 6-foot-1 and weighs 170 pounds.

Frost and the father of the alleged sexual assault victims had a long, testy exchange during the father's Tuesday morning testimony, when the man said his children blurted out what had happened to them and bore incriminating evidence on their faces and clothing when they ran to him after finally getting free at the 3001 N. Midland Dr. apartment complex.

When cautioned by the judge not to show anger at the attorney, the distraught man shouted, "These are my kids, man!"

Frost asked how big the children's assailant was and the witness said, "I was so disturbed, I didn't know what size he was. I was trying to kick down the wrong man's door and he was behind me tapping me on the shoulder and saying, 'It's going to be all right, we'll get them.'

"And all the time, it was him!"

Frost repeatedly moved for Senior Judge Weldon Kirk of Sweetwater to declare a mistrial because the father was glaring at the defendant and repeatedly proclaiming his guilt. However, the judge overruled all the motions.

District attorney's office investigator Pat Bostick joined Bailiff Keith Morris and Morris' former partner in the Texas Department of Public Safety, Eddie Wiginton, to secure the courtroom. Attorneys said the trial may continue all week.

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