Innocence Project honors district attorney's post-conviction review section

Published 10/14/2010 - 2:14 p.m. CST, the Cypress Times

HOUSTON, TX - The Innocence Project of Texas will present its 2010 Honesty and Integrity in Prosecution award Thursday to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, for the work by the Post Conviction Review Section in freeing inmates who had been wrongfully convicted.

Harris County District Attorney Patricia Lykos, who established the special unit when she took office in January 2009, and Section members will attend the organization's award ceremonies in Dallas. "This honor reflects what this office is all about - integrity and honesty," Lykos said. "All of us in the District Attorney's Office are proud of our honorees' accomplishments and commitment to justice."

The Post Conviction Review honorees are Section Chief Baldwin Chin, Assistant District Attorney Alicia O'Neill, and District Attorney's Investigators J.J. Freeze and Donald Cohn.

One of the first official actions by Lykos was to create the section to investigate credible claims of innocence from inmates who had exhausted their regular avenues of appeal. She explained that convicting innocent people is a "triple tragedy" that sends the wrong person to prison, denies real justice to victims and leaves the actual criminal free to strike again.

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