No-refusal DWI programs now nationwide

It is very gratifying when a prosecutor initiated program gains national recognition. It is even more gratifying when the program is created here in Texas. The “No Refusal” DWI blood search warrant programs have been championed across our state by Warren Diepraam of Montgomery County (and previously Harris County). Many of you may not know that he has also championed their use across the entire nation while working with the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. HERE is a link to a press release with US DOT Secretary Ray La Hood also featuring our own Warren Diepraam. He is joined by MADD, NHTSA and others in promoting a program for the entire nation he and so many others have had so much success with in Texas.
And the good news does not end there. THIS LINK is to a No Refusal Tool kit created by Warren and others to facilitate creating a no refusal program. (All of the attachments at the link are also below.) This well-drafted publication has been requested by a number of jurisdictions across Texas, and now it finally exists.

If you would like to join the numerous jurisdictions in Texas doing No Refusal Campaigns, or if you have one and just want to look for new ideas and double check your efforts against the model, I highly recommend opening and printing the kit. This is a great tool a long time in the making.

Congratulations to Warren on this culmination of years of hard work, and thanks to him for making prosecutors and Texans look good!