Victim Services Manual 2017


TDCAA's 2017 Victim Services Manual, edited by TDCAA staff members Diane Beckham and Jalayne Robinson, is designed to help prosecutors and victim assistance coordinators (VACs) develop and enhance prosecutor-based victim assistance programs in Texas. This book is designed to be a manual for quick reference when VACs or prosecutors are looking for an answer to day-to-day challenges when navigating through victim services in the criminal justice system. Chapters include: (1) setting up an effective program; (2) first contact with victims; (3) funding; (4) Crime Victims Compensation and restitution; (5) statements; (6) victims with special needs; (7) specific crimes; (8) innovative programs; (9) other resources; (10) the week of trial; (11) VINE - victim notification; and (12) post-trial proceedings.