Breath & Blood Evidence in Impaired Driving Prosecutions

Friday, September 8, 2017

Registration is now closed. However, we will be accepting a limited number of walk-ins.

TDCAA is proud to offer this free, high-quality Breath and Blood Evidence in Impaired Driving Prosecutions training for peace officers and prosecutors to attend in Odessa on September 8, 2017. You will receive two publications, hand outs and 6 hours of CLE or TCOLE continuing education credit. 

With the surge in the number of blood search warrants, the landscape of trying DWI and other impaired-driving cases has changed. 

This course will explore the impact of breath and blood evidence in DWI cases, as well as the impact when we lack this evidence. Discussions of breath testing will include the science of it, putting on expert testimony, and common defenses; blood evidence will get the same treatment. We’ll also cover abusive discovery motions, working with labs, and working with experts will be covered. Finally, a discussion will compare and contrast how to present blood evidence in drugged driving cases with alcohol cases. 

Getting valuable evidence is the first step; this course will address the second step of using it effectively.