Fundamentals of Prosecution 2021

Online Registration for this course is closed. Registrants have until March 7th, 2021 to complete the training.

This January, join us for Fundamentals of Prosecution – a series of online courses and discussions targeting the crucial job functions of new prosecutors.

For a total of $200.00, attendees will receive at least 13.50 hours of MCLE, including least 2.75 hours of ethics.

Starting on the 11th of January, we will be releasing four weekly sets of pre-recorded training. Each week will focus on a separate group of essential core prosecution training topics. Subject matter will range from the ethics in prosecution to bond conditions and revocations. On the Friday afternoon of each release week, all attendees will be invited to bring questions and take part in an optional live forum featuring speakers and faculty advisors from prosecutor offices across the state.

The Fundamentals of Prosecution course is not an online version of our Prosecutor Trial Skills Course (PTSC). The trial skills course cannot be effectively reproduced online and compliance with current pandemic safety protocols would greatly reduce the effectiveness of that particular training. PTSC is typically offered twice a year and is one of our most highly rated events. Rather than produce a substandard version of PTSC, we have opted to wait until we can put on the training at a suitable level of quality. While focusing less on courtroom advocacy, Fundamentals of Prosecution will help bridge the gap for new prosecutors with training designed for online delivery.

Registration will be identical to past live training events. Every registrant will receive a confirmation email. On January 11th, a separate email will be sent with instructions as well as a link and code giving them access to the Fundamentals of Prosecution training through our learning management system, SAP Litmos.

Each successive week additional talks, or modules, will be added to the course. Keep in mind that the full course won’t be released until the fourth week and you must watch 100% of the course to receive credit. Partial credit for a course is not an option.

If you are unable to watch the course as it is released, you will have until March 7th, 2021 to watch all of the training.

Each prosecutor who completes the course will receive four TDCAA publications.  These books – Predicates, DWI Investigation and Prosecution, Punishment and Probation, and Traffic Stops are foundational resources and invaluable tools for those new to the profession.  To receive the books, attendees will be asked to provide a mailing address upon completion of the training.