Multiple Presenter Training: Issues in Domestic Violence

Cases involving domestic violence haunt most criminal dockets. These are some of the most commonly filed cases and the most difficult cases to resolve. Complex problems don’t necessarily require complex solutions. They do, however, require a collection of solutions waiting at the ready for deployment.

Enroll in our third installment of multiple presenter training to learn how prosecutors from all over the state are working to protect victims and resolve issues that routinely surface in domestic violence cases. Join us with guest host Tiana Sanford, ADA in Montgomery County, as we begin our dive into this topic.

Presenters for this course include:

  • Jessica Escue, ADA in Brazos County 
  • Allenna Bangs, ACDA in Tarrant County 
  • Cara Landers, ACDA in Lubbock County 
  • Dewey Mitchell, ACDA in Collin County 
  • Charann Thompson, ADA in Fort Bend County 
  • Brandi Mitchell, ACDA in Dallas County 
  • Staley Heatly, 46th Judicial District DA 

This course is available online for a limited time and provides 1.25 MCLE hours. The cost is $25.00.