Application for our DWI regionals in 2020 is now online

TDCAA will host approximately 20 free joint prosecutor, peace officer and judge regional programs during the upcoming year. This year’s program will be on one of three topics, Worst Case Scenario: Impaired Driving Crashes from Crash to Courtroom for Officers and Prosecutors, Effective Courtroom Testimony and DWI Update: Legislation, Cases, Best Practices and Countering Defenses (all three explained in the PDF attachment below).

Each school needs a local elected prosecutor to host the training; the host must commit to partnering in several key areas listed below. In more rural areas, we strongly encourage neighboring counties to coordinate in selecting a site and sharing the responsibility of hosting. Because demand has constantly outstripped resources, we may have to tell some folks no. Please consider gathering local partners and applying before October 18, 2019. On October 28th, we will select all of our sites for the year.

Please download the PDF below, read it, fill out the application on the last page, and return it to us by October 18, 2019.