Call for Nominations: 2022 Suzanne McDaniel Award

The Suzanne McDaniel Award is given each year to a person who has demonstrated impeccable service to TDCAA, crime victim services, and prosecution. It is named after Suzanne McDaniel, a Texas pioneer in victim services who served as TDCAA’s Victim Services Director until her death in 2010. Her entire career was devoted to serving victims of crime.

The person selected for this award should exemplify the qualities that were so evident in Suzanne herself: advocacy, empathy, and a constant recognition of rights of victims.

The criteria necessary for an individual to be nominated are as follows:

  • The person must be employed by a County Attorney, District Attorney, or Criminal District Attorney’s Office in Texas;
  • At least a portion of the individual’s job duties must involve working directly with crime victims; and
  • The person must have demonstrated impeccable service to TDCAA, victim services, and prosecution.

Should you choose to nominate someone, please keep in mind that the person does not have to work in your office or even in your TDCAA Region as long as they meet the criteria stated above. Anyone in a prosecutor’s office may make a nomination.

To nominate someone, please provide the nominee’s name, office of employment, phone number, and a description no longer than 100 words of why you believe the person deserves this award. This information should be emailed directly to Jalayne Robinson at [email protected].  Nominations must be received by 5pm on Friday, May 20, 2022.