Donate to Hurricane Laura disaster relief efforts

Dear TDCAA Members:  I am writing to you today because our friends in Louisiana need our help. Hurricane Laura devastated a wide swath of Western Louisiana and left many prosecutor office employees homeless. I am asking you today to spread the word of their need, and to encourage your folks to help out with even a modest donation.

I can tell you for a fact that it makes a huge difference. After Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast, we raised funds to help our homeless prosecutor office employees. It was YOUR generosity that brought tears to the eyes of dozens of people when we handed out recovery checks from the fund. Prosecutors from states all over the country – including Louisiana — came out in force to help us in our hour of need.

Below I have reprinted an email from the Louisiana District Attorneys Association (LDAA). Please do what you can to help!

Honored to serve you,
Rob Kepple

An email from Loren Lampert, Executive Director of LDAA:

Dear Members,

2020 has challenged us in ways we could never have predicted, but those challenges have also taught us to appreciate the tenacity, strength of will and depth of spirit of the citizens of Louisiana. Once again, we face yet another challenge and call on that same spirit of perseverance and good will to band together and be present for our fellow brothers and sisters who have been affected in the wake of Hurricane Laura. 

Hurricane Laura was a storm of historic proportions. Striking first in Cameron Parish at sustained winds of 150 miles per hour and with storm surges over 10 feet high she proceeded to barrel through nearly two thirds of the state leaving devastation in her wake. While the death toll may be low, the effects on those who now must return to rebuild are immense. Many DA employees and their families have been significantly negatively impacted by the storm. Some have lost everything.

Request for Monetary Donations 

The Louisiana District Attorneys Association is partnering with the Louisiana District Attorneys Training Foundation to raise funds to support those DA employees’ families affected by Hurricane Laura. We encourage all who can to donate using the link above or by CLICKING HERE. Any amount is greatly appreciated.  You will have an opportunity within the donation form to indicate for which parish you wish the funds be dedicated.

Assistance with Recovery

This email pertains specifically to monetary support. We will be sending out a secondary email with more information on how you can contribute physical goods and services to those who have been affected.

The citizens of Louisiana are a community of strength and perseverance. We are unstoppable and can overcome any adversity when we work together. We pray for everyone’s safety. 

The LDAA is here for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at LDAA Headquarters at 225-343-0171 or by emailing us at [email protected].

Thank you and stay safe in service,
Loren M. Lampert
Executive Director, Louisiana District Attorneys Association