Monday, February 3

John Graves: From Cult to Commitment
Jacklyn Janis, Asst. District Attorney, Special Prosecution Unit
Susan Maxwell, Investigator, Matagorda Conuty (ret’d)

Out of State Parties
Paul Smithers, DA Investigator, & Brian Rose, Asst. District Attorney, Harris County

Marijuana and Impairment
W. Clay Abbott, TDCAA DWI Resource Attorney, Austin

Tuesday, February 4

New Investigator School
W. Clay Abbott, TDCAA DWI Resource Prosecutor, Austin
Paul Smithers, DA Investigator, Harris County
K. C. Breshears, C & DA Investigator, Orange County
Gale Echols, DA Investigator Montgomery County
Kim Elliott, CDA Investigator, Lubbock County

Juvenile Issues
Kim Hayes, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Lubbock County

Child Protective Investigations 101
Anna Ford, Director of Regional Litigation; Jerome Green Jr., CPI Program Specialist; & Marshall Davidson, Special Investigations Program Administrator, Texas DFPS

The Human Trafficking Spectrum            
Shanna Redwine, Asst. District Attorney, Montgomery County

Possession of the State – Classic Records        
Jack Choate, Special Prosecution Unit Executive Director, Huntsville

Courthouse Security
Randy Harris, Constable, Tom Greene County, & Richard Carter, Attorney at Law, Arlington

Inner-Office Communication
Mark Warren, Consultant, Texas Association of Counties, Austin

Wednesday, February 5

Acquisition & Use of Social Media
Dallas CDA Investigator Team:
Gary McDonald Jr., Asst. Criminal District Attorney
Greg Gambrell, Graphics Specialist
Dimitri Anagnostis, Asst. District Attorney
Sr. Sgt Richard Forness, Family Violence Investigator
Thomas Adams Jr., Asst. Criminal District Attorney

Mass Shootings: Lessons Learned
Jack Roady, Criminal District Attorney, & Kevin Petroff, First Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Galveston County

Digital Workshop
This breakout was available by pre-registration only. Applicants have been notified prior to the conference regarding acceptance into this workshop. 
Todd Smith & Nick Simpson, CDA Investigators, Lubbock County

Search & Seizure Update
Ted Wilson, Asst. District Attorney, Harris Co. (ret’d)
Phil Hall, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Bastrop County

Proving up Priors: Skinning Cats
Katie McVaney, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Hays County

Thursday, February 6

Child Sex Abuse Intervention: A Case Study
Rob Pawley, DA Investigator, Wise County

Gaining Discovery Compliance
Moderated by:  W. Clay Abbott, TDCAA DWI Resource Prosecutor, Austin