Sunday, January 12

The Ethical Prosecutor – 4:30p
W. Clay Abbott, TDCAA DWI Resource Prosecutor, Austin

Monday, January 13

DWI Caselaw Update – 9:00a
Jessica Frazier, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Comal County

Pre-Trial Issues – 10:30a
Grace Pandithurai, Asst. County & District Attorney, Ellis County

The Evidence Primer – 1:00p
John Wakefield, Asst. District Attorney, Harris County

Nuts and Bolts of Jury Selection – 2:15p
Marissa Hatchett, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Dallas County

Peremptory Strikes and Batson Challenges – 3:15p
Glen Fitzmartin, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Dallas County

Tuesday, January 14

Hearings on Motions to Suppress – 9:00a
Brent Chapell & Sheri Culberson, Asst. District Attorneys, Montgomery County

Identifying & Overcoming Cognitive Bias 1:00p
Jarvis Parsons, District Attorney, Brazos County
Bill Wirskye, First Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Collin County

Effective Opening Statements – 2:15p
Sunni Mitchell, Asst. District Attorney, Williamson County

Your VAC and You – 3:45p
Jalayne Robinson, LMSW, TDCAA Victim Services Director

Wednesday, January 15

DWI: Presenting the Case – 9:00a
Ray Duke, Asst. District Attorney, El Paso County

Domestic Violence: Presenting the Case – 10:45a
Allenna Bangs, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant County

Thursday, January 16

Punishment Evidence – 9:00a
Lauren Sepulveda, Asst. Criminal District Attorney, Hidalgo County

Probation Revocation Hearings – 11:00a

Plea Negotiation & Plea Bargaining Workshop – 1:00p
Tiana Sanford, Asst. District Attorney, Montgomery County
Brian Klas, TDCAA Training Director, Austin

Predicate 101 – 3:15p
Erik Nielsen, Asst. District Attorney, Travis County

Optional Class C Forum – 4:15p
W. Clay Abbott, TDCAA DWI Resource Attorney, Austin

Friday, January 17

Cross-Examination and Impeachment – 9:00a
Ryan Calvert, Asst. District Attorney, Brazos County

Final Argument – 10:30a
John Jordan, Asst. District Attorney, Harris County