Assistant City Attorney

City Prosecutor – City Attorney’s Office

Minimum Salary

$88,322.00 Annually

Scope of Work

Prosecutes cases in the City of Midland Municipal Court. Advises City Departments on legal issues. Prepares legal documents and represents the City in court and other settings.

Essential Job Duties

Prosecutes all complaints for violations of Midland’s municipal code, traffic laws and various Class C Misdemeanors.

Drafts and reviews contracts and other legal documents.

Prepares for litigation including research, drafting petitions, answering motions, filing documents, participating in discovery, and appearing in court.

Responds to questions from assigned departments concerning legal issues.

Attends various city meetings. Represents the City at various meetings and venues.

Drafts and reviews a variety of legal related correspondence.

Responds to public inquiries about code matters and other legal issues.

Physical and Environmental Conditions

Ability to sit, stand and move inside the building and transfer self from building to building.

Required Qualifications

Ability to read and understand legal documents, technical materials, reports and journals. Skill in developing related reports and documents. Ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, to court officials, citizens, the city council and state and federal officials.

Minimum Education, Experience and Certification

Doctor of Jurisprudence degree with license to practice law in the State of Texas or sitting for bar exam. A valid Texas Driver’s License is also required.

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm To be considered, interested candidates must submit an employment application through City of Midland Human Resources at